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It’s getting close to Halloween and I had a tooth pain that was bugging me so I knew I had to see a dentist Annapolis soon. I will admin I have been procrastinating a bit and it wasn’t just because I felt like I had no time. The truth is I may have a little bit of a fear seeing any dentist. The idea of the doctor poking and scraping your teeth is never a good feeling. Especially those moments when he has to get really rough on those hard plaque build up spots. You get the picture in all honest seeing a dentist sucks. Even teeth cleanings, I hate it all but I knew I couldn’t hold it off much more. After I finally booked my appointment the place at Annapolis Dental care was nice. They really made me feel at home and at ease. The dentist spotted a few problem areas like how I grind my teeth at night and a couple cavities but to my surprise nothing too serious. He was very gentle and did a great job dealing with my phobias. This was the only dental office I have been too that really took the time to take care of me.


Cascade Spine & Injury Center
4317 NE Tillamook St, Portland, OR 97213

It’s never a good start to a vacation when someone gets hurt once you arrive at your destination but thats life and it happened to me in Portland. The first thing anyone should in Portland is grab a bite to eat and get a fresh brewed beer on tap, which is exactly what I did. When you take that first sip of a fresh beer on tap you know your vacation has started. Not even before I could finish my first cup I noticed something wrong with my wife. She seemed like she was in pain but was trying to hide it. I asked her what was wrong and she mentioned her back pain was back. Her back pain seems to come and go randomly some times twice a month orĀ  a couple times during the week but I knew something had to be done. I didn’t want to wait until we got back so I looked for the closest chiropractors Portland OR. The first couple chiropractors I called didn’t accept cash which seemed kinda weird. The others were booked and I was starting to feel the desperation kick in. The final chiropractor was booked but was very kind to my situation and decided to squeeze me in. He not only removed her back pain but saved our Portland trip! It’s been a couple months now and still no pain and I couldn’t be more happier.

chiropractor clinic

insulation removalWhen I first bought my home one of the first things I knew I had to do was remove my old insulation from the attic. This insulation was from probably the 50′s. It was a complete joke what I found in the attic and you wouldn’t believe. Standards back then for insulation most have been very loose. During inspection the inspector told me to come up his latter and take a look. When i climbed up the latter I looked around and laughed. The insulation was barely there it was literately just sprinkled on with much of the wood boards still exposed. So after I closed on the house I started my search for insulation houston. I called a few guys to come over to my house and give me a free estimate. I was told as a rule of thumb to at least get 3 estimates. That rule proved to be the golden rule that saved me big bucks. The third guy that came out was a houston insulation contractor that was local to me. Triple Seal Insulation had the best prices and came in about $1,000 dollars less then everyone else. Normally if it’s too good to be true you should run away but the deal sounded so good I couldn’t resist. After one day now, I couldn’t be happier. Now keeping in the cool air in the summer time is a breeze, (no pun intended.)

granite countertop installationHi everyone, before the holiday season kicks in it may not be too late to update your kitchen with granite countertops houston for cheap. Jose at Buildersquare just hooked me up with beautiful granite for my kitchen island. You wouldn’t believe the price I got it for if you saw how good it looked. Let me tell you how I was able to get such a great deal.

My shopping for a new counter top began like most. I first stopped at home depot and lowes. They seemed to have the deals I was looking for but they all seemed so generic and kinda cheap looking for the price I was looking for. I then called a few contractors because I though maybe they can get a better deal then I can. Almost all the contractors not only were trying to over charge me for labor but they also tried to make money of the actual materials! Just when I was to lose hope on all Houston kitchen remodeling contractors I found Jose.

He was my savior for updating my kitchen. Not only did he offer me the cheapest granite but he would install it for a good price. The price was so good I was even able to resurface my kitchen cabinets too. I was very pleased with how Builder Square made my busted up kitchen into a dream one. If you guys are in Houston Texas then you must contact Builder Square.