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I had some time to go through a few submissions for the website and I found this blog about plumbers. I felt it is a good reminder and helpful to know what you can do if you find yourself in this situation like Kevin did. Kevin has a vacation property that he visits to see his grand kids a few times out of the year. When you have a vacation property that you know you can’t keep an eye on it’s best to have a friendship with the neighbors around you. Kevin did this and thought all was well until he would have his first plumbing disaster.

While at his home in Chicago he came got a call about a tenant underneath his condo getting a water leak it was coming from the floor above. The Kevin’s neighbor had a key and opened the door to check out where the leak could be coming from. When the neighbor opened the door he found out the entire house was flooded. It was coming from the wall, a pipe must have burst.

Kevin called a few different plumbers Irvine but many of them weren’t able to get there immediately. After the fourth or fifth time Patriot Plumbing was about to turn him away too but Dino sensed they desperation in his voice. He understood that this was a plumbing emergency that couldn’t wait until the following day. He pushed a couple people back just so he could help with Kevin’s emergency.

Patriot Plumbing and Rooter
18 Technology Dr #129
Irvine, CA 92618
(800) 349-6349

Hi everyone, I’ve wanted to thank everyone for their comments and positive responses from my blog. Many people have been curious about my website and what I use so it’s actually a wordpress theme I found. It was manly suppose to be a Halloween type of blog but it now has blossomed into a about everything type of format. Thanks for all the support and I hope to keep bringing lives stories that help enrich your own. Like my title suggests I’m going to share with you how I came to find a good roofer among the many Houston roofers out there.

In the past when searching for any type of local service I would have told you just go to Yelp. Now I’m not so sure how much you can trust yelp. There was an article about a bunch of people rallying together trying to sue yelp for only letting positive reviews show for money. They are being blamed for running an extortion type of campaign. One of my clients was having a hard time getting reviews to stick on yelp. It wasn’t until he finally agreed to pay yelp $25 a month that suddenly the yelp reviews were not being filtered anymore. This may be a little off topic but I have a business that can help remove your bad yelp reviews instead of being extorted just visit remove bad yelp reviews.

The whole deal with yelp is actually best to talk about on my next post but for now how do you go about finding the best roofer in Houston? If yelp is off the table then you can use what we all used back in the day Google. Yup, that’s right, using Google to find a roofer can still be helpful. Here’s what you need to do a little differently. First type in “roofer houston” or something similar. You are going to get a list of roofers. Then research the actually company name. You do this by typing in the company name in google. If you don’t see any negative reviews then give them a call or just call Homerun Improvement.

Homerun Improvement
12331 N Gessner Dr #722
Houston, TX 77064
(713) 992-6266

When I lived in La Habra there was only one florist I can trust. These guys always delivered on time. If I told them I need something to arrive at 12 noon it was on the dot. Other florists may be half hour or even an hour late. It was important flowers arrived on time. Along with prompt deliveries they even made sure flowers were freshly picked. I swear the flower quality is amazing, they wouldn’t ever assemble a floral arrangement with deal looking or drooping flowers. I love how you can just tell them what flowers my wife likes and they always put something together that blow me away. Even my wife has cried getting these beautiful flowers. So for results that will overwhelm your loved ones with joy this is the place. They don’t just do birthdays anniversary but they are growing there reputation for weddings too. For a local flower shop la habra visit there website.

Brea Florist
341 S Brea Blvd
Brea, CA
(714) 529-2747

It’s getting close to Halloween and I had a tooth pain that was bugging me so I knew I had to see a dentist Annapolis soon. I will admin I have been procrastinating a bit and it wasn’t just because I felt like I had no time. The truth is I may have a little bit of a fear seeing any dentist. The idea of the doctor poking and scraping your teeth is never a good feeling. Especially those moments when he has to get really rough on those hard plaque build up spots. You get the picture in all honest seeing a dentist sucks. Even teeth cleanings, I hate it all but I knew I couldn’t hold it off much more. After I finally booked my appointment the place at Annapolis Dental care was nice. They really made me feel at home and at ease. The dentist spotted a few problem areas like how I grind my teeth at night and a couple cavities but to my surprise nothing too serious. He was very gentle and did a great job dealing with my phobias. This was the only dental office I have been too that really took the time to take care of me.


Annapolis Dental Care
101 Ridgely Ave #12-B
Annapolis, MD
(410) 267-0766

insulation removalWhen I first bought my home one of the first things I knew I had to do was remove my old insulation from the attic. This insulation was from probably the 50’s. It was a complete joke what I found in the attic and you wouldn’t believe. Standards back then for insulation most have been very loose. During inspection the inspector told me to come up his latter and take a look. When i climbed up the latter I looked around and laughed. The insulation was barely there it was literately just sprinkled on with much of the wood boards still exposed. So after I closed on the house I started my search for insulation houston. I called a few guys to come over to my house and give me a free estimate. I was told as a rule of thumb to at least get 3 estimates. That rule proved to be the golden rule that saved me big bucks. The third guy that came out was a houston insulation contractor that was local to me. Triple Seal Insulation had the best prices and came in about $1,000 dollars less then everyone else. Normally if it’s too good to be true you should run away but the deal sounded so good I couldn’t resist. After one day now, I couldn’t be happier. Now keeping in the cool air in the summer time is a breeze, (no pun intended.)

Triple Seal Insulation
12351 Newbrook Dr
Houston, TX 77072
(832) 250-9592