from Holliday Eats!

It’s getting close to Halloween and I had a tooth pain that was bugging me so I knew I had to see a dentist Annapolis soon. I will admin I have been procrastinating a bit and it wasn’t just because I felt like I had no time. The truth is I may have a little bit of a fear seeing any dentist. The idea of the doctor poking and scraping your teeth is never a good feeling. Especially those moments when he has to get really rough on those hard plaque build up spots. You get the picture in all honest seeing a dentist sucks. Even teeth cleanings, I hate it all but I knew I couldn’t hold it off much more. After I finally booked my appointment the place at Annapolis Dental care was nice. They really made me feel at home and at ease. The dentist spotted a few problem areas like how I grind my teeth at night and a couple cavities but to my surprise nothing too serious. He was very gentle and did a great job dealing with my phobias. This was the only dental office I have been too that really took the time to take care of me and even offered me professional teeth whitening in annpolis md.


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